Monday, April 2, 2012


Dear Yachtie,
Two people asked me to prom and I said I would get back to them as soon as I find out. But that's the problem! I really like both of them but I don't know which one to choose! How do I let the other one down nicely?

Dear anonymous,
thank you for writing in to me, Matey! This is a very common problem during the prom season, and you are not a lone sailor. The most important thing to keep in mind is that prom is just one night and you shouldn’t expect too much out of it. That being said,congrats on being a popular sea maiden! It is good that you are thinking about both of their feelings. That is key in this situation. If you haven't chosen already think about who you would be more comfortable with and who asked you first. But most importantly think about who you would have a good time that night. Again, for letting the other one down thinking about their feelings is the key navigate these seas. Make sure he/she knows that you still like them, and you would go with them if you didn’t have prior engagements. But above all, be honest and they will understand. Realize that alot of people go through what you're dealing with and have a good time with whoever you're with.

Love, Yachtie

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mid-Term Stress

I'm in 5 honors classes, and this will be my first mid-term.  I need to know sooo much - how can teachers expect this of me?  Please, if you have any ideas on how to study, and how to relax, I'd be so grateful.

Sorry Yachtie was away for midterms. First of all, it is completely reasonable for you to feel stressed, especially in an environment like Falmouth, where everybody feels the need to exceed expectations and uphold family [dynastical] honor. You should feel very proud of yourself for the classes you are taking. You are challenging yourself and that is very wonderful! You make Yachtie proud, for one. Remember no matter what the results of a test are, you are challenging yourself in even taking it, and think of how much you are learning in that process! Nobody can get a good grade on everything. It is not the end of the world to not do as well as you would've liked to. Listen to angry or relaxed music or whatever type makes you feel better. That can be a good way to relieve stress. Also, sleep is good. Another note, it's easy to feel like tests carry a huge weight freshman year...but the best advice Yachtie can give you is to try your best and enjoy the moments the next four years will bring (testing related or otherwise).


Dear Yachtie,
How come upperclassmen flirt with younger girls and then when dating comes up they either stop talking to you, or they say they don't want a relationship even though you know they do want a relationship.

Dear Distressed About Dating, 
Relationships are very mysterious. Most people have trouble committing to a clear boyfriend-girlfriend relationship in high school, but are happy to flirt without being obligated to spend time with one person. Perhaps yer flirt-pal is sensitive and intimidated by the commitment and the hurt or troubles it could potentially bring. Maybe this person is interpreting your interactions as less flirty than you are, in which case communication is key! Don't be afraid to address your relationship's standing and your feelings for him/her. But always remember to be respectful of their decision, even if they don't want a relationship (with you, or with anyone) right now. Just don't feel down about yourself because of this one fish in the sea! The sea is plentiful.
Love, Yachtie.

scallop issues

Hello, Ive been having this dilemma for quite some time now. I left about 20-24 scallops overnight in my gym locker. I've grown so attached to these little buggers that I just don't want to get rid of there somewhere I could keep these scallops for a few nights? 
Sincerely, Cfood luvr

Ahoy Cfood luvr,
Thank goodness you don't have 25 scallops, because that would just be far too many to handle in the cramped quarters of Davey Jones' gym lockerrrr. As for a place for yer little buggers, try the ocean. I hear Town Landing is a nice abode for scallops.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Awesome video! hope this makes your day better!

                                     This puts a tear in me eye and a smile on me lips.

Was this a good idea?

If students can post anonymously on this page, then whats stopping them from posting inappropriate content on this website. I mean, some people can just submit through proxies, giving no trace of them. Not that the school has the power to back trace computers.
-Some guy

Ahoy, Some guy! Yachtie reads all submissions before posting them on the blog, therefore preventing inappropriate content from plaguing this calm Caribbean sea. Thanks for your concern and interest! 


Hey Yachtie...
Me and my friend are arguing about a really stupid subject, and I told him it wasn't worth anything worth fighting about, but he continues to try and bring up the argument whenever he can. I told him I didn't want to argue but he keeps going. How do I break it up?
-Sick of Arguing

Ahoy, Sick of arguing! That can be really frustrating. Remember that even though the subject seems silly and unimportant to you, to your friend it may be the most paramount thing in the world! Maybe not that big, but because he keeps bringing it back up, it's obviously important to him. Some things will pass over if you avoid them, but because this problem keeps cropping up again and again, it may be better to talk about it. Next time it comes up, try straying the conversation away from an argument and just turning it into a open discussion about the issue. Who knows, you could discover that this is a front for a bigger issue he's worried about. Also, if there is something in the future that is really important to you but he keeps avoiding, you can remind him of this. Also, after talking about it, the topic may stop interrupting the pleasant of this friendship voyage. Good luck on your facing this barnacle in your friendship!

Say what again, I double dog dare you!

What does Marcellus Wallace look like?

Dear Julius,

Problem with Rivals.

I am a key member of an unofficial sports team here at FHS, and am currently the only one with this position. Recently, someone else has been trying to "help" me with this job, and making wisecracks whenever he does. Don't get me wrong, the position is easily the most strenuous one on the team, so I don't mind the help, but I don't want to roll over and look like a wimp either, especially considering this "rival" is a big show-off and a bit of a boaster. Any suggestions?

Unsure Matey, what an annoying situation. Try talking to your friend and let him know that you appreciate the help, but not when he's ragging on you. Don't worry too much about looking macho, because you're already in the position and people probably admire you for that. Also, this "rival" may be jealous of you and could be teasing you out of his own wish to have the role you do on the sports team. Try talking to him gently about this, letting him know that you appreciate the genuine help, but dislike the sass he's attaching to his help. If you let your guard down and he sees that you have some insecurity around this, he may back off a little and become a resource for you rather than a rival. Avoid getting too mad at him when you're having this conversation, because, as you recognized, he does want to help. This conversation may be awkward...don't feel insecure about your worries. It must take a lot of hard work to be such a key member and this can bring worry about whether you're performing well in that role. Have confidence in yourself, you're probably doing a better job than you realize! Ahoy!


What is the capital of Turkmenistan?


Math help

What is the derivative of (e^(arcsin(5^4x+2))))^(-13x))???
-Curious math student

Dear Curious math student, 
The answer to ye math problem is (dolphin-starfish)^2. Mr. McCully may say otherwise. Ahoy, good luck on your future mathemagical quests!


Dear Yachtie...
Do you play Skyrim? If so, have you defeated Alduin yet? The staff that you get is amazing and the Dragon Priest Mask really helped my mage.
BO$$ @ Skyrim

Dear BO$$, 
I used to play Skyrim like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee

Sweaty Head

Dear Yachtie,
My dear friend has a bit of a problem. Every time he runs or exercises in any way, his head gets so gosh darn sweaty. Its really nasty and disgusting, and the way it rolls though his ginger hair and down his face really grosses everyone out. How can I break it to him that he needs to do something about his "head sweat"?
-John Doe

Dear John Doe, 
Sweaty heads really stink! But it's natural for heads to sweat, especially in long luscious locks. Don't worry about breaking it to him because he's probably self conscious about his sweat. Friends let friends sweat...thanks for your concern! Although you could offer him a towel every now and then. Ahoy! 

Team Dinners

what should i do when i want everyone to leave?

Dear Bertha with the Big Team Dinners,
Shiver me timbers, now thar’s a briny pickle for ye! It can be hard to let people know that you want them leave, let alone to host a team dinner! Just know that if it stresses you out, you have no obligation to host one. If you do have an obligation to or want to host, a really easy way to get people to walk the plank out of yer house is to talk to your parents. They could play a role by coming into the room where you’re eating and saying, “Does everybody have a ride home?” or “Can everybody get picked up before 6:30” or something to that effect.  If you’re polite about it, nobody will think anything of it.  Thanks fer writing and best of luck in yer galley adventures!

Klondike Question

What would you do for Klondike bar?  How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?  Where's Waldo?

Dear Klondike Question, I would sail the Seven Seas for a klondike bar, I only chew tootsie pops, and I'm holding Waldo captive on me boat!

Is this cheating???

I asked a boy out and I already have a boyfriend. He said yes.  What do I do?  Can I have two boyfriends?

Dear is this cheating, imagine if you were with the man of your dreams and he wanted a second girlfriend.
That would probably feel like barnicles in yer feet, OUCH! That being said, if you don't want to be in an exclusive relationship with either of them, just be honest with them and tell them so. If both of them are okay with it, you can still go on dates with both of them. Just make sure they are okay with it. Me advice would be to make sure you communicate with both of them and consider their feelings. You know what happened to Bella when she was confused between Edward Cullen and Jacob...think about which is your Edward and which is your Jacob.

Hair Gel

I would like to know, out of curiosity, who applies the most hair gel prior to coming to school?

Dear Hair Gel, I win by a land slide! First, because my head is HUGE. Second, I have to keep me wind swept locks tame for varsity games. 


Dear Yachtie,
 Who are you? (student? Faculty?)

Yachtie is your worst nightmare.... Just kidding, I'm pulling yer wooden leg. We're a group of anonymous students aiming to help you fare your wildest seas, in the persona of our fond mascot Yachtie!

Bruised and Confused

Yesterday, i was walking across the road on my way to kids who care... i tripped over my own poncho and fell.. it hurts. i woke up this morning reallly hurting, feeling something like uh.. p. diddy.... HUGE BRUISE.
wondering how to feel better?!?

Dear bruised and confused, I'm sorry you fell. That looks painful. You should be more careful. I once fell too, It was on my first date with a mermaid, Zelda... I suggest wrapping your wounds in seaweed, and then applying aloe lotion. 


Dear Yachtie...
Do you ever feel like when your walking down the halls on a bad day, where you don't try as hard to look your best, and everything seems to be going wrong... That it almost seems that every person you pass can tell. How are you comfortable being you even on your bad days... How do you keep your head up high?

Everyone has bad days, and it makes us human! Let me tell you, when I'm sailing the world, I wake up some mornings feeling briny. Bad days are a problem everyone has to deal with. Yes even celebrities, like my friend Spongebob. As Spongebob once told me, the bad days make you appreciate your good days that much more. Me advice would be to listen to music too, and pretend you have a walking soundtrack, even if that day has a particularly mellow tune. Remember, you're not alone in having bad days....don't let them bring you down. And be happy for the great days you do have! If your bad days don't seem to go away, there may be another issue at hand. If that's the case, feel free to respond again, talk to a friend or family member, or a guidance counselor. Human interaction can help lift your spirits, even if your bad days are rare! As for how I keep my head up high? My loving shipmates keep me going, also Marcus....................he's a whale. Keep your head up high and don't feel bad about having rough days!


Dear Yachtie...
I've been kinda lonely for a long time now. I don't know what to do about it. It seems like I just can't make friends. What should I do to make people like me? I really want my senior year to be a year I remember fondly. 

Dear Senior Year, surprisingly this is a very common problem among highschoolers. Yer not alone, and although it seems hard, me best advice is to be yer self and stay positive. Don’t be too hard on your self because its natural and this happens to almost everyone. You have something great to share with the world and be confident about your personality. A great way way to meet people is to take advantage of the fun clubs, sports, and school activities. Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb and try something you never thought you would join. Starting a new hobby will introduce you to new people and no better time then your senior year. Don’t fret about making this the best year of your life because your only human and the best thing you can do is live in the moment. Many people around you feel the same way so don't hesitate to share a smile, or a compliment. Ye already have one friend, and he's the grandest sea dog on campus, Yachtie. Enjoy your senior year.