Sunday, January 8, 2012

Team Dinners

what should i do when i want everyone to leave?

Dear Bertha with the Big Team Dinners,
Shiver me timbers, now thar’s a briny pickle for ye! It can be hard to let people know that you want them leave, let alone to host a team dinner! Just know that if it stresses you out, you have no obligation to host one. If you do have an obligation to or want to host, a really easy way to get people to walk the plank out of yer house is to talk to your parents. They could play a role by coming into the room where you’re eating and saying, “Does everybody have a ride home?” or “Can everybody get picked up before 6:30” or something to that effect.  If you’re polite about it, nobody will think anything of it.  Thanks fer writing and best of luck in yer galley adventures!

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