Sunday, January 8, 2012


Dear Yachtie...
Do you ever feel like when your walking down the halls on a bad day, where you don't try as hard to look your best, and everything seems to be going wrong... That it almost seems that every person you pass can tell. How are you comfortable being you even on your bad days... How do you keep your head up high?

Everyone has bad days, and it makes us human! Let me tell you, when I'm sailing the world, I wake up some mornings feeling briny. Bad days are a problem everyone has to deal with. Yes even celebrities, like my friend Spongebob. As Spongebob once told me, the bad days make you appreciate your good days that much more. Me advice would be to listen to music too, and pretend you have a walking soundtrack, even if that day has a particularly mellow tune. Remember, you're not alone in having bad days....don't let them bring you down. And be happy for the great days you do have! If your bad days don't seem to go away, there may be another issue at hand. If that's the case, feel free to respond again, talk to a friend or family member, or a guidance counselor. Human interaction can help lift your spirits, even if your bad days are rare! As for how I keep my head up high? My loving shipmates keep me going, also Marcus....................he's a whale. Keep your head up high and don't feel bad about having rough days!

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