Thursday, February 16, 2012


Dear Yachtie,
How come upperclassmen flirt with younger girls and then when dating comes up they either stop talking to you, or they say they don't want a relationship even though you know they do want a relationship.

Dear Distressed About Dating, 
Relationships are very mysterious. Most people have trouble committing to a clear boyfriend-girlfriend relationship in high school, but are happy to flirt without being obligated to spend time with one person. Perhaps yer flirt-pal is sensitive and intimidated by the commitment and the hurt or troubles it could potentially bring. Maybe this person is interpreting your interactions as less flirty than you are, in which case communication is key! Don't be afraid to address your relationship's standing and your feelings for him/her. But always remember to be respectful of their decision, even if they don't want a relationship (with you, or with anyone) right now. Just don't feel down about yourself because of this one fish in the sea! The sea is plentiful.
Love, Yachtie.

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