Monday, April 2, 2012


Dear Yachtie,
Two people asked me to prom and I said I would get back to them as soon as I find out. But that's the problem! I really like both of them but I don't know which one to choose! How do I let the other one down nicely?

Dear anonymous,
thank you for writing in to me, Matey! This is a very common problem during the prom season, and you are not a lone sailor. The most important thing to keep in mind is that prom is just one night and you shouldn’t expect too much out of it. That being said,congrats on being a popular sea maiden! It is good that you are thinking about both of their feelings. That is key in this situation. If you haven't chosen already think about who you would be more comfortable with and who asked you first. But most importantly think about who you would have a good time that night. Again, for letting the other one down thinking about their feelings is the key navigate these seas. Make sure he/she knows that you still like them, and you would go with them if you didn’t have prior engagements. But above all, be honest and they will understand. Realize that alot of people go through what you're dealing with and have a good time with whoever you're with.

Love, Yachtie